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Omni Massage of CT​


Hello Everybody,

         Omni was established in 2014 with the purpose of offering a world class bodywork experience backed by knowledge and expertise. In my 9 years as an LMT I have dedicated myself to learning and experiencing as many modalities of bodywork as possible. My journey: to never stop learning about the human body and how to aid it through the art and science of massage therapy.

        I have practiced Swedish and Deep Tissue since the start of my career (and many others), but in recent years I have found Neuromuscular Bodywork the most fascinating and functional modality to incorporate. I use massage therapy and muscle testing to create a two-way conversation with the client’s nervous system to identify and solve coordination patterns that govern movement. As a result of restoring those movement patterns, tight muscles can find relief through the restored balance of the body. Perhaps ironically, while I love doing clinical bodywork, I also still appreciate the art of relaxation; hand and foot massage, scalp and neck rubs, the stuff that feels great and makes massage fun. In the future I plan to incorporate more corrective movement work into my repertoire.​


 Outside of being a bodywork practitioner and business owner I am passionate about being outdoors. Fishing, all seasons hiking, and gardening to name a few.  Spending time with my family and loved ones. Music and history. Meditation and Qi Gong. The human experience.


​I hope we have a chance to work together towards your wellness goals.

Be Well,

Evan Piasecki

Founder of Omni Massage of CT



  • Advanced Therapeutic Chair Massage 

  • Neuromuscular Reprogramming Certification

  • Elite Sports Therapy & Performance Enhancement Therapies

  • Myofascial release 

  • Cervical Spine Integrated Techniques

  • Sports Massage 

  • Treatment Integration for Complex Conditions

  • Thai Massage

  • Pathology and Orthopedic Assessment

  • Kinesio Taping

  • Lymphatic Drainage

  • Manual Approaches to the Tongue, TMJ, and Sinus 

       and more


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