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What is NMR?


Neuromuscular Reprogramming® works with the body's organizational intelligence to reprogram the patterns governing movement.


Throughout our lifetime we experience falls, car accidents, extreme stress, pregnancy, surgeries, repetitive movements- you name it. These traumas take their toll on us and every time our bodies adjust to a new "normal".


With NMR®, we can address muscular imbalances, postural issues and other dysfunctional movement patterns that have become stuck in the motor control center of the brain.

As we begin to unravel these patterns, posture improves and chronic pain begins to fade.


Finally, the body is able to make change and set new, more functional patterns. With NMR®, we address why the pain got there in the first place- instead of just masking the symptoms.


What can I expect from my session?


At your first session, I will ask you questions about your lifestyle and any current problems or pain you are having.

I will analyze your posture and begin to see what is going on in the body. I may ask about past injuries and usually want to know what movements cause pain.


I will perform neuromuscular assessments to determine where the body is dysfunctional and use a variety of techniques, mainly NMR, to assist the body in becoming more functional. We will work on breathing techniques and I will generally give some 'homework' to take home with you.

What do I wear to my session?


Clients can undress to their comfort level as they would during a normal massage or wear comfortable clothes that you can move around in and that I can work through.


Yoga clothes or gym clothes are usually best. Please avoid jeans, cargo pants, belts, or any clothing with heavy seams that limit your movement.


Try not to eat an hour before your session and arrive well-hydrated. Please avoid strong scents.

How often do I need to come?


As a rule of thumb, I like to see my clients weekly for the first 3-4 weeks that we are working together.

Oftentimes, people report a significant reduction in pain and improvement in function during this time.


Results vary and everybody is different.


From there, we can work together to develop a maintenance schedule. For some that is weekly, biweekly, monthly or every few months.


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